NFT Granny Interview of Lapin Mignon about Mignonverse

January 2023 - NFT Granny sweet interview of Lapin Mignon who talks about Mignonverse and her Collaboration with Tagachi and their Vision for their Project

January 11, 2023





NFT Granny Interview of Lapin  Mignon about Mignonverse

"[...] We are curious 🙂 Would you be willing to share any plans of upcoming projects?

Lapin Mignon: Mignonverse! With Tagachi, we blended our Talents in one project that embarks our community into a space discovery adventure. Tagachi is one of the most talented coders in the crypto art space, and I am so thrilled we had this common vision to put some technology for the sake of Art. He is pushing my watercolour to a new level. Based on a story I am writing and reading each week in our Spatial metaverse around the fire, every Wednesday at 3.30 pm UK time (, we are slowly but surely embarking on our first 777 pioneers on our rockets, direction The Mignonverse, where everyone will be able to collect a little planet that will evolve over time, and get even the visit from Mignon Travellers. All made in watercolour – we are getting ready to embark. [...]"

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