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Take your place onboard for a unique #cryptoart experience:
- evolutive generative watercolour Mignon World
- powered by a #storytelling where you are the hero where it is good to be kind #community
- driven cutting edege techs

Imagine one second, you are able to visit The Little Prince Universe, be back on the planets he visited and check upon the characters, the flora, the elements… and how their live is evolving…

It was Lapin Mignon's vision - and with Tagachi , a genius coders and dev passionnated by cutting edge tech of AI and Dynamic NFTs, we made it possible - it’s a journey

Mignonverse is a universe made of hand made watercolour generated planets that will evolve over time blended with high techs that will make the art and story live forever.

Based on a story we wrote as a community (17 chapters so far!), about a space exploration of a forgotten galaxy discovered in the 19th century, we are about to onboard a rocket -and each passenger will get their very unique planets -

... and if you obeserve it, you may have some visits one day  - Imagination is the limit

Embark with us today, grab your rocket ticket and leave the web3 magic do the rest - enjoy the journey <3

Recent story updates

The Planet with The Goat With Lipstick

Once upon a time, there was a goat with lipstick.Once she got her lips all red she boomed her head.She had forgotten her cleansing milk and she didn't know what else to do.Then she would sing "ya ya ya ya ya".It was a Swiss goat that had eaten too much chocolate.When she ate her chocolate she started eating her hands!!!She was like, "yak, doesn't that taste good?" because indeed she was eating her feet.And now she was kicking her leg real hard on the Mountain."Go away" shrieks the Mountain. "You hurt me, Half-goat!" "."Why are you calling me half goat?" said the goat."Look at yourself in the mirror: you are missing a head that has boomed and your feet that you have eaten""Ah yes! Are you right, half-Mountain!"
"Half Mountain?" Shrieks the Montain again.
"Yes" replies the goat "come here let me eat you!" »


The End.

(Written by Lapin Mignon and Arthur - 6yo)

NB: Every now and then, on our trip in the Mignonverse, we discover a planet with weird beings telling their story

Story to be collected as an Open Edition - Follow the Link

Ep17 - Blast Off

All rights reserved Mignon Inc.©

Chapter Seventeen - Blast Off

Written with Konohime

Train vers Heathrow - un Jumbo Plane wait for et les 777 pionniers embarquent vers une destination secrète 

Secret Location of Launch Pads - In French Guyana to save fuel

17 Visionnaires prepared their 17 rockets as their own 17 Travel agencies 

51 seats in Concept Rockets (Tagachi’s / Lapin’s) and 45 seats 

At the end the rockets are blasting off - direction la Mignonverse


*getting inspiration*


777 planets. Such a large number and yet so small. These new reception areas were just waiting for newcomers to be able to develop life, exchanges and good humour there. But places in the planes are limited and a choice at the entrance will have to be made.

What would be the admission criteria? Who would have the right to obtain a ticket and above all, who would not have the right? These questions torment Tagashi, Renate and Sergey who discuss them in the airport waiting room... and seem unanswered. Everyone leans back a little deeper in their chair when Renate decides to turn on the TV (or the radio?) to clear their minds. But the radio, rather than giving the news, is dysfunctional and only broadcasts metallic noises, as if coming from another world. Then a female voice, almost robotic, is heard:

 “beware… robots.. bots… like humans… don’t… accept… robot… airplane… Mignonverse… Don’t trust…”.

There followed a long silence where Renate looked at her two friends, wondering what had just happened. Perhaps it was one of those disturbed airwave stories that has been agitating the media lately? In any case the warning was clear, it seems that imposters want to board

We were loading the 777 pioneers in our plane to our final destination: French Guiana 

Sergey posted at the entrance of the jumbo plane and show to every passenger a serie of pictures of… traffic lights - and we heard screams… Bots can not handle the view of Traffic Jams - probably because they hate the authority of other machines that requests them to stop and go, like their predecessor, the Steam Machines! And half of the Airport got empty by running disguised bots - the trick was working.

We loaded the first 777 pioneers and explained to the other that we will be back soon, for a bigger journey.

And we flew to our Mignon Launch Pad -In secret, OxCollin and Sys32 were managing the launch pad under the equator. And here, it was ready.

During the flight, Visionnaire from the first hour, Adawg came to chat to Kwigbelle- and he gave him a set of keys. He explained that he was concerned about the size of his rocket and did not feel he could fly for now - as it was a larger rocket - he asked if Kwigbelle, from far the best pilote of the mission, would fly The Big Blue Box Rocket - She accepted - Nothing could worry her - He was a strength of Nature! And she gave the keys to her Rocket. 

When we landed, the 17 rockets were ready, renamed and the visionnaire did out on their pilot suits - not all rockets will go for this Genesis Flight - but at least there were all ready - * rockets were ready to Blast off - and their pilots were lining with pride:

  • Stardust Express rocket, with StellaCat Pilot on the driving seat - that will be propelled by cats on treadmills (1024. an extra 100 or so cats are on standby in case they are needed) - the cats themselves are powered by space anchovies and marshmallows. 
  • Subatomic Neutron Astronautical Interstellar Low-rider Rocket, SnaileXpress on the driving seat that will be propelled by slime
  • The Worm Rocket, Driven by Maud'Dib appointed by Sach, propelled by Spice Power
  • Big Blue Box Rocket, with Professor Kwigbelle in the Driving seat, propelled by Avastrium: An advanced teleportation-compatible liquid fuel-like substance composed of metallic hydrogen, highly classified extra-terrestrial nanoparticles, and, something that looks like electrified mushrooms and smells like blueberries. Avastrium presents a seemingly bioluminescent glow upon flight, and immediately resorbs any pollutant properties, recycling instantly in order to refuel itself. This dynamic fuel was acquired with the utmost stealth and secrecy from a close friend and colleague who we shall simply refer to as "O".
  • Fast Light Ultra Fabulous Flying Yacht 1 (FLUFFY1) Rocket, with LukeGerbil in the driving seat, propelled by Pumpkin Seeds 
  • Mignon Concept 1 Rocket, Lapin Mignon in the Driving Seat, Propelled by Stardust
  • Phoenix V2 Rocket, flying by Elem Jr appointed by Tagachi, propelled by a secret fuel with a patent pending. 
  • 2264°F ,  with Wee Wicked Witch as a pilot appointed by Renate, fueled with Pure MUD (Madly Unstable Dirt)

The sun was setting peacefully, and in a couple of hours we would be ready to go - the Rockets were gathered into 2 fleets, each fleet will go to a specific part of the Mignonverse: NGQ1 and SGQ1 

And Tagachi started the Explanation. And we all took our seats… Ready to Blast off! 

Ep16 - Are We Ready

All rights reserved Mignon Inc.©

Tagachi landed smoothly on Gate 9 ¾ - and we joined him in a huge celebration - we now have a date for our expedition to take off - December the 21st!

While Renate and Sergey were preparing the Rockets for the final preparations, Tagachi gathered us to share his findings.

He explained that he became worried about the voices that Sach heard, coming from the Galaxy and without making the full crew panicking he realised that the journey could be compromised by some sort of safety issue coming from an external force of will. So he did some research, and found the symbol of the bee and as we did later, found the Galaxy localisation thanks to the Sky Impression 14. Tagachi was desperate to open a dialogue with the strange voices. So he minimised the communication with us and once in space, try to communicate in the direction to the Galaxy… and the voices came. Sach was right! And at first the voices were quite scary. But Tagachi calmed them down, and explained that all will be okay - he just wanted to enter into a peace talk. 

The voices then explained that 147 years ago, a rocket with an astronomer on board crossed the Galaxy Star gate and since, was travelling from a planet to another. 

Tagachi had a smile and said that we named their Galaxy, Mignonverse - and they had  a Laugh - That is ridiculous but kinda cute - let’s name it Mignonverse then.

And they carried on - The name of the astronaut: Kelly Dee, she was now a friend of the Mignonverse but she mentioned how things were tough on Earth, that as a woman, she had been excluded from the Royal British Society of Astronomy and was disregarded from her peers. She was a true spirit of love. She brought so much to the Mignonverse - She helped with the Education, showed us how to grow a flower (that was a discovery for us) and we adopted her. We even were elected as our Citizen from our hearts - On Mignonverse, we love good hearted people - and she was one of a kind. 

She mentioned that she left on purpose some clues and evidence of the our Galaxy on Earth- and the voices said they panicked - nothing that Kelly described about Earth seems to be good to land on our Mignonverse - so they went back on Earth, destroyed all evidence they could find… even during our attempts to fly to the Mignonverse… They were the pirates! … but did not know about the bee symbol… But it was logical… as the Mignonverse gate is shaped as a beehive… 

And indeed Tagachi was standing here, in front of a huge galaxy gate shaped as a beehive, glowing in all colours of the rainbow.

Tagachi understood what were the concern - and said that he had to agree - not everything on earth is good - but they could be reassure that we were coming with the best intentions - we have spent the last 6 months trying to resolve mysteries around Kelly Dee and the Mignonverse, and we have proved our good heart and good faith. We were eager to meet and greet each other. But he would also understand that we could not be welcomed and we could not force destiny.

The Voices had a thought.. And they said - we are missing Kelly on so many levels - and meeting you and observing your jolly team, we can see you are good. We have 777 planets that feel a little alone - let’s try to give you a little bit of space there and let’s make an experience, like a Genesis Experiment? You can bring your 777 pioneers and let’s try to live together? We will come and visit you and we will see how good you are? 

And the voice disappeared. And Tagachi went back

So the dangers were out!

Yes - and Tagachi explained, that we will have to embark our 777 pioneers on our 17 rockets - so 45 to 46 per rocket - and we will head to the Mignonverse gate - then each Setting will guide the rocket to a cell on the gate - that will lead to a star system within the galaxy. 

And this was happening… more than 2,000+ people were arriving from London with their Train Ticket.. But only 777 will be able to take off…

We will have to be brave!

Ep15 - Snails Secret

For days and nights, the team inspected each Sky impression projected one by one on the wall. While Tagachi took brief communication with us, from above, to let us know all was good - but hang out as soon as possible. 

Kelly Dee’s journal indeed ended with torn pages and a symbol of bee - I did not really give it a lot of credits - but it was the only thing left in the journal - that even the person who tore the journal did not realise the capital information… It was her code. This beautiful Bumble bee. 

And one morning, Renate shouted “It’s here! It’s here!” pointing to a bee in the middle of the stars - When the 14th telescope setting was engaged, the lens reflected a subtle little bee engraved in the prism, on the top left of the sky impression 14 - This is it - clever -  we found the Mignonverse.

The team clapped. This was a major achievement. We were able to prepare the rockets, just in case.

Renate then mentioned she had a surprise - and called the Orion team who acknowledged to her that all was ready.

On the Tarmac of the Gate 9 ¾, under a shy sunset of a rainy british day, the 16 Rockets were pointing proudly to the sky, perfectly aligned. She showed us her invention - within the cabin, she recreated the Telescope setting - It was aligned to the focus of the telescope - so if this is the 14th telescope setting, we only had to follow the planet mechanism. 

Pranksy and the dark knights arrived in a swirl - Black limousine queuing - They were waiting for this very precise moment. And a Huge double decker bus, Pranksy on its top cheering the crowd and screaming - “well done team - it’s time to blast off”

Each Visionnaire got attributed a Rocket - we took place in it, Dom and Sergey took the back seats, and following the instructions of Ricardo and the Orion’s team we set the 14th combination: 1st planet on the left, pulled up - Satellite 1 aligned, Satellite 2 on the right, Planet 2 pulled up, Planet 3 Pushed down, Satellite 3  Aligned, Planet 4 pushed down, Planet 5 Pushed down. 

And in a single harmony,  the rockets adjusted their positions and pointed to the North North East. 

We communicated through the radio - and the emotion was clearly sensible. 

Sergey sang the Marseillaise, Kwigbelle whistled the last lady Gaga song, Stellacat told a poem she wrote about stars and systems, Pranksy cheering the crowd of journalists outside, Evuls shaped a heart with his hands at the window, Luke the Gerbil frantically ran in the cabin, Sach hugged his Damond Dee Rocket fixed from all its test flight, and Snail started to scream and laugh at the same time - Its usual crazy self dealing with high emotion - he was fun in a shell. And then, we asked people to shush. 

“Shhhhshhhhshhhshsss” he repeated again

And he pointed in the sky - Tagachi was heading back. And prompted the communication.

“Ground control to One-Dee Rocket; Tagachi are you ready to land?”

“ Yes ser, LFG - and I have good news, folks. Get ready to blast off Soon”

The Orion team joined the Radio communications “If so, we made some calculation with StellaCat and Kwigbelle, and the perfect next alignment of the Earth, Moon and Mignonverse is on 21st December”

Tagachi added “Kelly Dee would be so proud of us - we are touching the dream of Space exploration!”

“So… here we are…” I whispered to myself.

And snail started to shed a tear

“I have to say something before the excitement of the journey…”

And Snail had a look at Renate, through the Rocket’s window - and said in a very deep voice

“Renate… I am your Father!”

And then a huge silence…

And a laugh “Come on, folk - I had to do it” and Snail laughed frantically and jumped out of his shell laughing 

That was not funny!

Ep14 - The Projector

The engine of the Rocket was vrooming - Despite Tagachi getting the new set of information on time by the Orion team, he still looked convinced to blast off. 

He signed to us that he will be back soon - and the One-Dee Rocket started to lift from the ground and pointed toward the sky. Tagachi shut down the communication system with the rocket - he needed to be in the zone while he was apparently looking for something up there.

The Visionnaires team, Dom and Sergey gathered in Heathrow - and we looked at each other with no word - we had no idea what was happening. 

On our way back to our hotel in London, we got in touch with Ricardo and the Orion team - Ricardo was surprised, it seems like Tagachi already had another set of directions programmed in One-Dee Rocket. But he mentioned that it was quite unbelievable as some work to decrypt the Sky maps was needed. 

Once we arrived, we decided to have a sneak peak in Tagachi’s bedroom - and there, all was in a huge genius mess - he secretly worked on the Sky maps and sky impressions. Pages and pages of notes, and a drawing of a bee - like a symbol  

Some notes made from with the voice heard by Sach during the test flight, and he managed to geolocalized where it was coming from… and in the middle of the room, a projector he apparently created following some draft notes - The Projector was plugged to the telescope and the 17 settings on its side.

That is it - Tagachi has cracked the location of the Mignonverse. And knowing his scientific side, and his passion for safety, he was testing the localisation before sending everyone, maybe, in an attempt to get in touch with the voices and reassure them. 

All was falling into places. But what about it if he did not make it back - we will have to follow him - so we took the notes, the Bee Symbol - Now it’s time to scrutinise the Sky Impression one by one and get the clue he got to understand where is the Mignonverse, and get ready to intervene. Professor Kwigbelle had a quick look at the projector - and nod from the head - it was indeed pretty easy to use. Snail suggested that before anything was done, a good tidy up was needed - there was no way we would be able to work together in such a mess. Health and Safety first, he said. 

While the team started to gather around the incredible machine, and started to move the setting of the telescope one by one and investigate the Sky Impressions, I had a look in the sky. The sun was rising, and a little star flashed a light - Tagachi was heading there. We got your back! 

Ep13 - Where Is Tagachi

(co-written with AI and the community on a Twitter Thread)

This day has been quite intense. It took me a while to sleep that night. In my head, I was constantly preparing the day when we will have to blast off and embark our first 777 pioneers with us. But I woke up with a call.

[Orion] Ricardo, from the Orion Team we were partnering with, was trying to reach me to give the news about the new telemetry data the team gathered from Nasa’s Artemis 1 launch. 

But they did notice on our security monitors that Tagach was heading to the Launch pad without telling anyone.

Ricardo was checking if I knew why Tagachi was going  to the rockets. Did Tagachi leave Earth in preparation for Mignonverse Journey? It was no planed, we need to get in touch with him urgently

“Lapin, we need to gather more data or we are heading to a disaster”, said Ricardo. 

[Fanny] No time for breakfast. Maybe it was too late to stop Tagachi from leaving Earth. And if he did without receiving the news from Ricardo that the current set of data was not enough, it could jeopardise the whole mission. No time to lose!

And most importantly, I had no idea what was going on and why Tagachi was secretly blasting off the rockets

While I was driving from London to Heathrow, speeding on the Motorway, I was calling the Visionnaire Team, Tom and Sergey -

While talking to Dom,  he suddenly recalled a moment earlier in the day.

[Dom P] “After the test flight, Sach told me a strange fact: in the middle of the storm, he heard strange voices coming from the radio, while this one was disconnected from the ground control. A silly but cute little voices :

"We are pacifists but please don’t come - don’t make the same mistake. Stay where you are.. We know that your intentions are good, so were Miss Dee’s intentions - we don’t want more visitors please  ..." 

Was it real? Had he heard right?... Hum, probably a memory created by the intense stress of his landing…

[Me] So would it mean that Tagachi was aware of this and is now trying to save the mission… Could it be linked to the pirates trying to abort our mission? Something was sure - Tagachi was taking huge risks

[AI] And I got scared. But in a galaxy, things happen. A new galaxy has been discovered, leaving us in the front row. It’s Mignonverse! 

[Renate] In the meantime Renate was trying to fix the Diamond Dee rocket. The landing had not been as planned and the rocket landed upside down on its control panel . 

[me] While, Tagachi reached Terminal 9 ¾ pursued by the Airport security. He was preparing the Rocket One-Dee, the first Rocket that Renate created as a concept. He fired the engine and was ready to blast off. 

Rage and blame.

I went out to see him through the Rocket’s porthole. I knocked on the window as loud as I could but with the engine on fire mode, Tagachi could not hear me.

Ricardo finally got in touch with the rocket’s communication system and managed to share the vital information to Tagachi.

 Indeed: Tagachi and the rockets were not pointing in the right direction.Our calculations so far were completely misled.  We were reading the Sky map the wrong way since the beginning. Just a clue; how much more could we fail ?

Ricardo added "Still, the mission was on but after we fixed the Telescope. Each setting was indeed a code to the Mignonverse Location!"

We had another look at the old scribbles and were trying to understand more... and we had another look at each Sky impression that all 17 telescope settings were giving us… and something became clear...

Ep12 - Test Flight Completed

It's been a week since Luke the Gerbils and Sach were testing the rockets in space but we have lost contact from the very early stage of their flights with Sach. On the radar, all seems to go to plan. At the Height of 500 km above the crust, which is 100km more than the international space station, our rockets were rotating around the Earth in 120 minutes - meaning that they did 82 rotations of the earth, minus the orbit setting and the landing preparation. 

Diamond Dee, Sach's rocket, seems to have started its landing de-escalation to Heathrow. At the moment, Sach has reached 3000 m altitude and is going into solar orbit. 

Still no communication possible. Snail was shouting in the microphone. but nothing was coming through.

Sach was approaching the earth too fast. So we prepared the ground and called the Metaverse Hospital to get ready. Dr Mohanad arrived with his team, ready to intervene. The rocket was not only facing the earth head on, but also increasing its speed, Sach's tyres were barely able to catch any air, Sach's wings were too short to rotate around the axis of his body, and the rocket got damaged before landing. And crashed on the tarmac. 

Where was Sach? !!!

We got ready to enter the Hospital as soon as possible. Luke Gerbils managed to communicate with us from the other side of the world, ready to enter himself in the atmosphere. Stellacat and Snail guided him without mentioning what tragedy happened to  Sach.

And While Luke was smoothly landing in his Azure Dee rocket, we saw something shining in the sky, flying in the breeze - SACH with his parachute. He managed to escape the rocket before it was too late and landed safely too. 

Luke and Dr. Mohanad ran to Sach's parachutes, guided by Snail !!!

Luke asked what Sach was doing. Snail fainted being so relieved. Luke and Sach  were looking at each other - they realised that they were good friends.

Dr. Mohanad said he was alive. Luke was shocked.

But we all were safe and sound. 

Renate took the wreck of the Diamond Dee rocket and with Kwigbelle assessed a few adjustments, but the flying machine could be repaired. Sergey reviewed the Communication devices - they were simply disconnected... But who did it in the first place? Was there someone trying to abort our Mission?

And in the shadow, the Pirate was here... and disappeared. We have to be careful of any scammers and hackers who want to crash our mission.

Not such a big loss in the big picture. We still managed to save some lives, and we gained some basic knowledge of Geo-Navigation...

But, it was quite an intense experience - but made us stronger

We had a little bit of work, few rockets to finish, but the test flight proved were more than ever ready to fly above the sky. 

When we left the Terminal 9 ¾ Dom was there - he mentioned that a journalist of the french Newspaper 20 Minutes was there if we wanted to reply to few of their questions… but when we exit the terminal door, not just one, or two journalists… ... but we were surrounded by a horde of journalists starting to get interested in our Story.

Sergey cried with excitement. He has always looked on with a thousand eyes.

And Tagachi whispered -

“To be a rockstar is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other.  ”

Tagachi improvised a press conference - “The internet, the rocket, the revolution, are all very clever. But without you it wouldn’t have been possible. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it.»

Ep11 - Rocket Testing

At Heathrow, we were welcomed by Lady  Leyla who took us to our dedicated gate - the Terminal 9 Gate ¾ - It’s a secret gate, she said with a smile. A beautiful nod to British literature we assumed. She explained that Elon Musk and Richard Branson use it also as their test launch pad when testing in the UK. And indeed, we took no less than 3 shuttles whose objectives were definitely to blur the idea of where we were. My Map on the phone stopped to localise us bizarrely. Top security zone.

Tagachi was already on site, coordinating with the rockets’ arrival and preparation. 4.30 am, and the 2 rockets were ready to blast off. Professor Kwigbelle made the last adjustment on the stabilisers - She made few last minute calculations on Renate’s sketches - and gave her green light.

Doctor Stellacat was repeating with the team, each step of the process - the blast off, the Atmosphere crossing, The space flight and the way back.

Sergey made sure that all microchips were responding and connected. 

Sash took position is his Diamond Rocket - each rockets were named in honour of Kelly Dee - “Diamond Dee” for Sach, while the Gerbils adjusted their seat belts in the Azur Rocket “Azur Dee”.

Tagachi made the last safety check - and Snail, in the control tower, gave the signal that the skies were clear for go.

The Engines trembled and the lights went on one by one. 

Dom covered the event, took a lot of pictures to document the History… before anyone knew that any story was being written for the sake of prosperity. 

“Heathrow 9 ¾  to Diamond Dee, 

Heathrow 9 ¾  to Azur Dee,

Are you Ready to blast off?”

Sach and the Gerbils gave the sign - and the acceleration sounded on - until it was unbearable. And they slowly fired, and left the ground in their own directions.

Snail laughed with his nerves in the microphone very very loud - that made everything less dramatic for a second!

And the two rockets were reaching the skies until they were shining like a stars high above.

We were so confident in our adventure that we started to plan it - 17 rockets… equals a max capacity of 7,777 ready to embark to Mignonverse. I wonder if anyone would be willing to join and explore with us?

So we started to plan some Train Tickets from London to our secret Launch pad. I can’t wait to tell the world about our beautiful space discovery. 

Ep10 - London Afternoon Tea

We invited the Visionnaire Team, Dom and Sergey in London for a couple of days, to organise our quest. The Gerbil and Sach joined for an Afternoon Tea. And Renate joined us with a big smile on her face.

We raised our glass to the new adventure and our new friendships. Renate invited myself, Tagachi, The Gerbil and Sach to have a look outside in the private courtyard of our hotel stay – There – 4 huge rockets glowing with pride. “This is yours”

What an emotion – touching closer to our dream. Let’s make the test on these rockets before delivering the rest

Stellacat, Kwigbelle and Tagachi founded a team to start the research with a few world class Astronomical teams to gather and share their findings. The good relationship with the international community would become key when we will need a launch pad for our rockets. 

The Gerbil and Sach were named the test pilots

Snail was supervising the administration of all – the idea of flying above the ground was not yet mature

Pranksy and his team stayed in the shadow, ready to embark

I asked Renate about the legacy she got from Kelly – But she had no idea and did not want to keep the mansion as it was time consuming to maintain. But the Solicitors gave her a box with these few bits and bolts, her portrait, and her journal, torn halfway.

She had no time yet to read it – So I asked if I could borrow it. Renate gave me the box for investigation – like a treasure.

I took the old wooden box and stored it neatly in my room. While the team will have the eyes in the sky, I will dust off some memories.

Tagachi got an idea – Lady Leila worked as an entrepreneur Lawyer in Heathrow and agreed for us to use the launching pad  -- but she mentioned that the window will be short and we will have it very quick and it can happen at any time. So we loaded the rocket on the trailer behind Renate’s car in the narrow street of London and we waited for the call. It could happen anytime.

Tagachi was in charge of the operations.

As expected, One day, Tagachi’s phone rang at 3am in the morning. 

We all woke up in a rush – embarked the car, the 17 of us, Dom, Sergey – ready to test the Rocket

Here we go!

Snail prepared the visas and the paperwork for the test flight, Gerbil and Sach adjusted their pilots costumes – they repeated the manoeuvres on the ground… and we did a big Hug – we were ready to blast off!!!

I won’t lie – I cried a little.

Good luck Mignonverse team <3


While the autumn sun was fading slowly as winter, in the South of France, I took a plane to meet Renate. We met in a town, half way between the airport and her village.

The air was heavy, but I was getting excited to meet her to unravel a part of the mystery and get to know more about the Rocket.

She was there, at the restaurant table. At a glance, we knew that we were meant to work together – the connection was instant. And without waiting, I showed her the Technical plan of the rockets. But Renate also was so excited about the project that she already studied some solutions and made a prototype – white and red… It was beautiful.

Indeed, she experienced that by mixing the clay with some technological micro chips, the material got more resistant, but also could fix itself – how useful could it be when you are crossing the universe.

Her Husband knew a lot about Microchips, Sergey was then on board to the project.

17 visionnaires, so we needed 17 rockets –

Renate was happy to help build and engineer them, but she did not want to create 17 copies – “I am not a Ceramic Factory!” she exclaimed. And to be honest, we were not sure what rocket shapes would survive the journey, so it was better to spread the risk… we will have indeed to take a risk.

Renate scribbles 17 shapes that matched the technical plan, we bought the clay – and here we are, weeks and weeks of forming the clay, drying, baking, painting and baking again… with all the risk they can break in the process.

Ep08 - The Crew

Intrigued by the story, Renate joined the crew. With me, Tagachi, The Visionnaires and her – we could probably follow the steps of Kelly and try to know more about this Mignonverse.

Renate investigated further on the ceramic technology described by Kelly. A ceramic that is strong enough to cross the space, face the meteors, where you can live in. But most of all, this ceramic had the property to be a living material that could endure the length of a journey to the Mignonverse.

The Ceramic was blended with microchips that gave a brain control over the rocket and gave it the direction; a one-way to the Mignonverse.

The Visionnaires were getting excited – they would receive their own Rocket for the journey – This is our way to say thank you.

Now it’s time to study a little more the position of the Mignonverse with our fixed telescope, take some notes, while Renate is working, engineering the rockets for the Big Adventure.

Since with the help of Kwigbelle and Stellacat, and their amazing connections, we contacted The Oxford University, the Scientists world started to get very intrigued by our discovery, we have been contacted by the NASA team behind the James Webb Telescope, launched on the 25th December 2021.

They heard some rumours about Kelly Dee work and admitted that without being able to prove her existence, they got inspired by the way she added some precious material to enhance the reflection and worked with pure gold.

Thanks to that, they just managed to get their first picture of the universe, and we were getting closer and closer to what has been drafted in the sky map. 

The world discovers some new colours in the sky, while we working in the silence of the Mignonverse

Ep07 - Kelly Dee

When back home, I shared the weird discovery with Tagachi.

We had a look on the Rocket sketch, with the instruction to be built in Ceramic, with the mention “What comes from Earth, can Leave Earth – the purest material is the best material – Space discovery needs a come back to basic”

That was very surprising.

And the Sky map indeed matched the scribbles on the case. We had a call with the Oxford University, and the 2 parts matched, but still no explanation why it was missing in the first instance. And we mentioned the visit of the pirate looking for a Sky Map… But no one knew.

And Renate... The Old Man explained that She was the lady who sold the old mansion in the Cotswold – The only thing he knows is that she lives in Cantal, in France, and was a Ceramic Artist.

So we found her contact, and decided to get in touch with Renate.

Renate lived in Cantal, a peaceful region in France surrounded by sleepy volcanos.

Months ago, she received a phone call from England. She has been designated by the solicitors as the only heiress of an unusual heritage. After years of investigation, they found out that Renate was the only related grand grand grand daughter of Kelly Dee’s best friend, her grand grand mother, from a different time and different country

She inherited a mansion – but without visiting it, Renate decided to sell it but asked to get only some information about Kelly, so at least she could get to know the woman who changed her Life.

She got a period sketch, and a journal. And discovered that Kelly was a renowned Astronomer from the British Society of Astronomy, and Renate and her were sharing a passion for ceramic. Kelly discovered a new galaxy. 

And described a way to reach it with ceramic technology. The journal then stopped. Has she left for the Mignonverse?

Ep06 - Mending The Telescope

The Old man from Gloucester agreed to have a look and mend what he can mend.

We deconstructed the dusty telescope, piece by piece, and realised that the lens needed to be changed. An old shop in London managed to get a replacement part for this very special lens, made in Bohemian crystal. There was also a special Opal iridescent quartz to change for the reflection – He has never seen such an elaborate system before – and he did mend the Planets system mechanism.

All spick and span – The old man got emotional when handed it over to me. 

He also handed me over some documents he found in the box that contained the Telescope – A torn page from the Oxford Sky Map, A manual to build a Rocket and the name “Renate”… our 17th Visionnaire? 

Now the telescope is restored, we peek into the vastness of the universe - and what we saw is just spectacular. 

The 1875 mechanisms built within the Telescope: The gems systems help reveal the colours of the stars and the galaxies like no modern telescopes can do. The show is mind-blowing. 

We found some clues from a 19th Century Oxford Star Map that hinted at 17 combinations of planetary settings on the top of the telescope - with each setting it changed the angle and the focus. What was each time was different; nothing has ever been seen in any books. The button mechanism, embodied by the planets, was in fact some preset configuration carefully adjusted. 

The Mystery was deepened. 

Rotating, pushing, pulling – each planet and satellites had their own way to be set. What first looked like a fine ornament was in fact a top precision mechanism.

The very rough sketches displayed 17 figures – each of them were totally unique. Once the planets were placed carefully, a fine mechanism was triggered, adjusting the position and the focus of the telescope.

17 figures… 17 Visionnaires… incidents happen, but something was sure today – all here was now meant to be, and our destinies are cautiously getting into a march written more than a century ago. Each Set up were attributed to each Visionnaire

The Quest was on….

Ep05 - The Visionnaires

Now we knew we may have discovered something that somebody, somehow, may have taken away from Humanity.

To continue the exploration, it was obvious that we needed to mend the Telescope. But it cost a fortune and we need some help, from a team of people with the same vision as us.This story may take us far far away, so the team of Visionnaire will have to be strong.So we started our exploration, we posted some announcement, and we recruited a team that may give wings to a project unfolding before our eyes and give the Mignonverse the explanation it deserves, solve a Victorian Mystery, and discover a new universe

The Team started to gather before our eyes, ready to blast off:

Firstly, Sir Sach and Lady Leila, The Entrepreneurs, curious fellows full of creativity contacted us – They were intrigued and dreamt about investing in a one-off project –They jumped on the opportunity and led the way -Lady Leila was keen to ensure all legal aspects of the journey were covered.

Lord Snail, the Philosopher, knocked at the door, at his own pace, reached my place and shared his wish to join the adventure..

Some Non Fun Gerbils, surprisingly came with the announcement in their mouths – they seem to be willing to  join the expedition from what we could have decoded from their excitement.

A Woman, disguised as a cat, mentioned that she was an expert in Astronomy, Doctor StellaCat, The Space Expert, would help guide the team.

In an encrypted message, we have been joined by Professor KwigBelle, The Engineer, jumped with excitement, bubbling her beautiful Energy, ready to decrypt any mysteries

And the day after, a black limousine stopped in the alley in front of my house, and, dressed as a red king, Pranksy, the World Master, was here waiting. In a whisper, a man of very few words, he said that he will join the Visionnaires, because he was meant to be. And without a further ado, he subtly disappeared.And coming from nowhere, an army of shadows, without a word, gave us a nod from the head: Dimes, Evuls, Sys-32, 0xColinn, Adawg and Toplagiun, knights from another time, appeared and disappeared.Like this, the team was completed – and the mystery kept on growing.

14 Visionnaires gather and myself and Tagachi = 16! –

we were ready to goSuddenly, in a whirl, a person dressed as a pirate erupted in my home, shouting and swearing is a gibblish language – throwing and moving the furniture around.The party was over. Without any understanding, I gazed without moving – the creature was looking for something with a rage rarely seen.A journalist came and tried to stop him.The Pirate came in front of me, looked into my eyes – “No map!” he said – and vanished in a swirl.

My guests were in shock and the journalist said “Hello, I’m Dom – sorry I heard some noise. Hope you’re all okay?”After so much emotion.

I thanked Dom for his help. I took the Telescope and brought it to the market for its mending.Something was definitely happening.

Let’s hold tight! This adventure promised to be a one-off

Ep04 - The Revelation

I was just about to have a look in the lens of the Old Telescope, when I got a text from Tagachi.He confirmed; The Scribble was indeed a kind of sky map.But intriguingly, it shows something that appears in any modern literature.

Except maybe in an old Oxford map, from 1875… whose page was missing as Tagachi figured out. But there was little information about it.Almost like a joke, I joyfully suggested we could call our discovery; “Mignonverse”, after my name, like a real grown up finding! After calculating some direction to adjust the telescope’s lens, Tagachi gave some instructions: 90 degrees west on the Horizon, just underneath the Orion Nebula, in its shadow… #

But… The Old Man was right, the Telescope needed a mend and was particularly blurry, and the Planets mechanism was not rotating smoothly.And Tagachi was also right – it took me a while, but indeed, underneath Orion, was something shining like a rainbow, it was so beautiful I could not get my eyes out of it.

Ep03 - Scribbles

My new Treasure I installed my telescope in the middle of my living room, like a trophy.

But I have to say, I was itchy to try it.But I noticed a scribble engraved on the side of the Leather, like if someone drew on it with such  strength, it left a mark. It looks like a sort of Map. I took a paper and printed cautiously the weird inscriptions. As I had no idea, and very little knowledge in map or any geography, I texted my scientific friend; Tagachi. He was intrigued by the full set and decided to investigate further the enigma of such a weird object and this mysterious Scribble.

Ep02 - Gloucester Market

My other passion is to buy and restore vintage and antique objects – they all tell a story, and I am bringing back to the present, so they can carry on fulfilling their fortune.

Gloucester Market offers is little known, but I have some habits there. And that day, I found a beautiful Victorian Telescope with a nice leather case. It lived its life , clearly, but my eyes got amused by its eccentricity – The old man explain to me it came from an abandoned mansion nearby in the Cotswold – no one knew who live there. He explained to me that the little planets on the top of it were here to adjust the view – he never saw it in his whole life. He dated the Object in 1875.

That was a winner for me – and I bought it with no idea what to do with it.

Ep01 - Eye In the Sky

My happy place is everywhere, since I can watch the sky. When I feel a little down, I find comfort in star gazing. The beauty of the galaxies reveals during the Night. The poesy of the stars, the milky way glimmering before my eyes, was like a gentle lullaby to my soul. Like little chimes, they bring me to a state where my spirit is leaving my toes, and I feel light… and suddenly, like a fear of height, I am absorbed by the depth of the Universe.

Checking on them: Northern star, The Moon, Mars and Jupiter greet me with a blink of a light.

And a shooting Star – Let’s make a wish… for a better place. When I close my eyes, I can see this better place.

And right before my eyes, it shines…

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Visionnaires Complete.

By buying this NFT, you contribute to mend the 1875 astronomical Telescope that will be able to zoom, from Earth, on the Mignonverse, take note of its position, so we will be able to plan the journey there. And later on, we will build together the Rocket we should embark on.


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« Dear Visionnaires 💫 ,

Thank you for taking part of the Discovery of the Mignonverse.

What I saw last time I was star gazing, was amazing, glowing like a rainbow - just pure beauty.

Like every expedition, we need some believers to help to fund the journey. The ones who will see clearly in the future, and see the potential of our exploration are called The Visionnaires - and you are meant to be onboard with us!

By buying this NFT, you contribute to mend the 1875 astronomical Telescope that will be able to zoom, from Earth, on the Mignonverse, take note of its position, so we will be able to plan the journey there. And later on, we will build together the Rocket we should embark on.

These 17 NFTs are needed to be able to build the Telescope. You will see it being completed, part by part on this NFT.

And once it is ready, more suprise to come as we will build the rocket - 👀

Enjoy the journey beyond imagination.

- Lapin Mignon & Tagachi »

Telescope Settings

Rotating, pushing, pulling – each planets and satellites had their own way to be set. What first looked like a fine ornament was in fact a top precision mechanics.

The very rough sketches displayed 17 figures – each of them were totally unique. Once the planets placed carefully, a fine mechanism was triggered, adjusting the position and the focus of the telescope.

17 figures… 17 Visionnaires… incidents happen, but something was sure today – all here was now meant to be, and our destinies are cautiously getting into a march written more than a century ago. Each Set up were attributed to each Visionnaire

The Quest was on….

Sky Impressions

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